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Party Season - Guidelines

As Christmas draws near and the Party season begins, as an employer it is a good time to think about what you consider to be appropriate or perhaps inappropriate behaviour at your party.  Bear in mind this is a company event involving your employees and maybe their significant others.  Maybe the event is being paid for by your company, there is food, drink and entertainment – how could anything possibly go wrong?

  • Saying something inappropriate
  • Being abusive
  • Being aggressive
  • Driving when under the influence of alcohol
  • Employees not turning up to work the next day because they are ‘tired’
  • Being propositioned
  • Posting pictures on Facebook (what are your company guidelines on this?)

Sad as it may sound, the best idea is to produce guidelines of what your expectations are for the night.  Remind employees that it is a company function and therefore normal courtesies and behaviours still apply.  Suggest that if they might be ‘tired’ the next day, they book time off.  If you haven’t organised transportation, suggest they share cabs or use public transport to get to and from the party.  Perhaps you could organise it for a Friday evening.

If you are in HR or you are a Manager/Director, try not to break all the rules or put your employees in a compromising situation.  It really helps if you can lead by example so enjoy yourself, but don’t get drunk; chat to everyone but don’t be over familiar; be friendly but don’t invade people’s personal space.

In spite of all this – do have a great time at the party!

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