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Recruiting, retaining and motivating key employees are core to a successful business.

Job descriptions are important:

  • Have you identified what you are really looking for i.e. the key skills and competencies you need?  This improves your ability to find the person who will add value to your business and ultimately increase profitability
  • Job descriptions give clarity; they ensure the company and the candidate knows what the job is about and the skills required.


  • Have a structure and plan the questions. If there  is more than one of you then decide, in advance, who will ask which questions
  • Avoid discriminatory questions. Ensure questions are relevant to the role
  • Make sure you don’t do all the talking
  • Devise a way of scoring candidates against the key competencies – you know the ones you identified in the job description
  • Make notes – after a full day of interviewing memories may become blurred.

Job offer:

  • Consider taking out references and/or undertaking background checks
  • Once the offer has been made whether that is verbal or written, it is binding

Ensure eligibility to work in the UK:

  • Make sure you see and check original documentation. http://ow.ly/z39XW
  • Contracts of Employment – what is most suitable?
  • Permanent - Full-time/Part-time
  • Temporary/Fixed Term/Zero Hours
  • Employee Shareholder


  • Explain how things are done in your organisation
  • Provide Employee Handbook and key policies
  • Introduce them to colleagues, send out a welcome email

Performance Management:

  • Set SMART objectives (Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic and Timebound)
  • Review progress against objectives regularly
  • Address issues as soon as possible – do not delay


  • Recognise good performance – it doesn’t have to be financial
  • Review salaries – if you can’t afford pay rises be honest
  • Consider bonuses
  • Invest in training


  • Seek advice
  • Follow a process

The key to all of the above is communication, which is at the heart of the business and critical through every stage of an employee’s life with the business.  Most employees want to do their best; it is up to business leaders and managers to ensure their employees understand where the business is going and how the employee’s individual role contributes to that goal.

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